DC Wingsuit School was started as a way to give back to the skydiving community. While wingsuit skydiving has gained popularity over the last few years, especially in the media, wingsuiting is still a relatively small sport. Coaches are sparse and some people just don’t have the means to travel in order to receive the proper training needed to learn how to safely fly a wingsuit.

Nestled in the hills of Orange, VA about 75 miles Southwest of Washington DC, DC Wingsuit School serves the greater Mid-Atlantic area and beyond. We operate most weekends at Skydive Orange, a busy turbine DZ that uses a Super Twin Otter as it’s jump plane, which we feel is the safest aircraft to learn how to wingsuit out of. DC Wingsuit School offers First Flight Courses, advanced coaching, organizing, wingsuit rental and sales. We tailor our training to meet your goals, whether that’s flocking, acrobatics or wingsuit BASE. DC Wingsuit School instructors are both USPA & Phoenix Fly rated coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Safety is the number one concern and USPA BSR’s are followed with respect to minimum requirements needed to take a First Flight Course. (200 skydives in 18 months, or 500 total skydives) We take training seriously but love to have fun in the process, so contact us today to schedule training!

Justin Miller, D-31589, USPA Coach, BASE# 1511

Justin Miller has been an avid skydiver since early 2009. With wingsuit BASE being a goal since day 1, Justin quickly progressed through his first 200 skydives concentrating primarily on tracking and canopy accuracy. Jump 201 was his First Flight Course and since that day Justin has accumulated over 400 wingsuit jumps and 150 BASE jumps all over the United States and Europe. Justin earned his BASE # (1511) in 2011. Justin has also been a USPA coach since 2010 and has enjoyed teaching students working towards their A-License or with more experienced jumpers learning to fly wingsuits. When Justin isn't flying through the sky in a wingsuit, he enjoys any other reason to get into the great outdoors, whether it’s hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, or just relaxing by the bonfire with a nice frosty beverage.

Chris Mort, D-30992, USPA Coach, Phoenix Fly Coach

Chris Mort started his skydiving career in South Africa in 2009. He immediately wanted to get into wingsuiting, and once he met the requirements he took a wingsuit course in Johannesburg which consisted of 5 jumps/levels which laid a solid foundation for the new discipline he was learning. Since then Chris has accumulated 1000 skydives and 500 wingsuit jumps. Chris's motivation to start wingsuit coaching was to give back to skydiving community and help assist new jumpers in taking the proper steps to safely fly a wingsuit. Wingsuiting and tracking have been the main focus of Chris's skydiving/BASE career for the past two years. If you feel that wingsuiting is a goal that you would like to achieve, DC Wingsuit School can provide a structured safe way to enter the discipline.