First Flight Course Info

Ready to make that first flight into what will inevitable become one of the most memorable moments of you skydiving career? We would love to be your wingman and soar across the sky with you!

Your First Flight Course starts with a ground school that lasts approximately an hour. During ground school you will learn: how to rig a suit, boarding procedures, wingsuit exits, wingsuit body position, navigation, wingsuit deployment procedures, wingsuit emergency procedures, post deployment procedures, and flying in the pattern with tandems.

Once your ground school is complete and we feel you are ready to make your First Flight, we will manifest and mock up the skydive a couple more times. You coach will be by your side for your entire first flight and provide you with outside video so we can review it and debrief after the jump. After landing, we will take our gear off, decompress for a minute and let it sink in before we review video. Then we can talk about your goals in wingsuiting and suggest a proper progression to meet those goals. We highly recommend getting more coaching beyond your First Flight Course so you can safely progress to becoming a competent and confident wingsuit pilot who is ready to jump with other human pilots. Advanced coaching packages are available as well, check out our pricing page.